HPL Wall Panels

Brand name: Ocm
Product name: HPL wall panels
Color: Solid color, woodgrain, stone, flower, metallic
Material: Phenolic Resin + Kraft Paper
Thickness: 0.5-30mm ( Standard: 12mm)
Size: 1220*2440mm 1220*1830mm 1510*2440mm 1300*2800mm
Certificate: ISO9001: 2008
Surface: Glossy Matt Texture
Feature: Water Proof,fire proof,wear resistant,environmental friendly
Application: Indoor Furniture,wall cladding,kitchen,toilet partition
Type: Decorative High-Pressure Laminates / HPL
Surface Finishing: Glossy
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Product Details

Product Description:

These HPL wall panels are applicable to public spaces with clean demand, such as corridors, wards, nurses and other fields. Equipped with high-quality modified magnesium inorganic materials, our product has many years to come. In addition, these HPL wall panels have excellent fireproof performance, and the fire rating can reach the international grade. The strength is high and the board surface is smooth. In addition to its own non-replaceable clean performance and fire performance, this board is also superior in decorative performance in order to meet the needs of many fields. There are various decorative styles such as the wood grain series, which helps to greatly satisfy the various decorative requirements of the interior.

Product Feature:

Compared with the glue method, these HPL wall panels are really easy to operate.

They are combined by different parts of laminate sheets, which makes it easy and quick in application.

There are many glue joints in order to effectively ensure the flatness of the board surface.

Our product is an ideal way to hide all types of pipe lines safely. 


Product Specifications


hpl wall panels

Standard sizes

1220*1830mm(4'x6'), 1220*2440mm(4'x8'), 1220*2800mm(4'x9'),1220*3660mm(4'x12'), 1300*2800mm(4.3'x9'),1300*3050mm(4.3'x10'), 1530*1830mm(5'x6'), 


6 , 8 , 10 , 12mm

Hpl panel



solid, woodgrain, metal, stone,cloth,nature

The variety of surface treatment

1.matt surface treatment,
2.textured surface treatment,
3.glossy surface treatment,
4.NT surface treatment,
5.D8 surface treatment,
6.T3 surface treatment,
7.SP surface treatment,
8.PX surface treatment,
9.embossed surface treatment, etc. to meet requirements of the customers.


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