Floor acceptance criteria

- Jan 10, 2019-

1. Look at the floor whether there is sound. When you accept the test, you should walk back and forth on the floor. The footsteps must be aggravated. In particular, the wall part and the door hole part should pay more attention to the acceptance. If you find a sounding part, you should repeat the movement and determine the sound again. The specific location, do a good job. Floor manufacturers believe that this situation can be required to remove the resurfacing. The part with sound, which is caused by the unqualified operation of the construction personnel during the construction process. The operation is not standardized, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel is not firmly fixed; the material failure is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel has not been dried. Some renovation construction units used unground keel construction, and there were signs of drying on the surface, but they did not dry. The ground keel with high water content will shrink in size during the natural drying process of the wood, causing loosening.

2. Look at the color of the floor is consistent. If the color difference is too large, it directly affects the appearance, and can be exchanged. If the color is too consistent and there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the pattern on the floor surface is the same. If the patterns are similar, it may be a craft wooden floor, not a so-called floor material of precious wood. Nowadays, some flooring materials suppliers use ordinary wood-based flooring, but they are covered with a layer of precious wood veneer on the surface to say that it is used to protect against moisture. In fact, it is afraid that the pattern on the opposite side will be inconsistent with the front. .

3. Accept the deformation and warpage of the floor. The method of acceptance is to use a 2 meter long ruler and lean against the floor. The flatness should not exceed 3 mm. Take a few more measurements, if the pass rate is above 80%, it is considered qualified, and vice versa, it is unqualified. Sometimes we will find that the floor is partially arched: if it is a solid wood floor, it is because it is too tight or the floor is too dry; if it is a composite floor, it is the quality of the floor. Therefore, the arching of the floor is a serious quality problem.

4. Acceptance of the baseboard: the gap between the baseboard and the door frame is ≤ 2 mm; the spacing between the baseboard joints is ≤ 1 mm; the gap between the baseboard and the floor surface should be in the range of 3 mm to 5 mm; The height difference of the line buckle should be ≤ 1 mm.