Four methods of metal ceiling

- Nov 15, 2018-

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for home decoration, metal ceilings have received more and more attention due to their outstanding quality characteristics. More and more people are willing to choose metal ceilings during home decoration. How is the metal ceiling suspended? What are the installation methods? Let's take a look at it.

1. Lifting of metal ceilings: lifting by piece, generally starting from a corner orientation, lifting the wooden keel with support to slightly higher than the elevation of the ceiling. When the height is more than 3 meters, the wire can be used at the lifting point. Temporarily fixed. Use a cotton or nylon thread to pull parallel and interspersed elevation guides along the ceiling of the metal ceiling as a flat reference for the metal ceiling. Then gradually move the keel down so that the plane reference line is flush. The sticking method is to uniformly coat the mineral wool board with the adhesive on the back of the mineral wool sound absorbing panel, and firmly adhere it to the base layer of the base plasterboard or other materials. Do not subject to strong vibrations before the adhesive is uncured, and keep the room well ventilated.

2, the mouth of the mouth method installation (dark keel): the mineral wool board is processed into a dark seam form, the two limbs of the keel are inserted into the dark seam, this way does not need nails, no glue, and is supported by two limbs. Of course, using this method requires attention to the smoothness of the joints.

3, nail fixing method installation: the self-tapping screws are used to fix the four sides of the mineral wool board, and the spacing of the nails is required to be 200~300mm, and the nail cap enters the panel 1~2mm.

Of course, if the cover panel is designed with a bead, after the panel is installed, the position is adjusted so that the seam is even, and the seam is straightened. After the stripping position is performed, the mounting method is self-tapping screws or glued. In general, there are many ways to install metal ceilings. In the process of decoration, you can choose a variety of factors to ensure the best ceiling decoration effect.