Integrated wallboard has better decoration effect

- Dec 05, 2018-

Integrated wallboard products have many kinds, styles and application fields.

(1) There are dozens of kinds of lines and more than fifty kinds of decorative surfaces, such as imitation of wood grain, imitation of marble, painting surface, etc.

(2) Multi-style products, arbitrary assembly.

(3) It can be used in many occasions, such as shops, KTV, conference rooms, office buildings, home buildings and hardcover clubs, to show the best quality!

Installation of integrated wallboard is fast. Installation today and check-in tomorrow.

(1) Fast construction. Clear water wall does not need to be undercut. It is directly mounted with jacks and lines on the clear water wall, and then assembled with wall panels, seamless connection.

(2) Quick check-in. No ventilation and air drying are needed after decoration, and they are admitted directly.

The integrated wallboard has good quality and decorative effect.

(1) Waterproof, mildew-proof, fire-proof, non-cracking, non-deforming, good durability, at least for decades.

(2) SGS certification and China environmental protection certification, style wall, high-grade presentation, excellent quality to lead the fashion!

(3) The environmental protection formula meets the European environmental protection standard, and "0" formaldehyde is free from benzene and heavy metal pollution.

Integrated wallboard saves time, money and space.

(1) Only one-fifth of the money and one-twentieth of the time for solid wood decoration can achieve the effect of solid wood decoration.

(2) The wall does not need to be undercut to save housing space.