Wallboard type

- Feb 22, 2019-

First, GRC lightweight partition board

The material is mixed with a variety of inorganic materials such as special cement and an admixture, and the slurry is added to the mixture, and air is introduced into the mixture to form a plurality of single-hole micropores, which are formed into a honeycomb shape. Raw materials and products are inorganic and never burn. Experiments have shown that the fire resistance of 225px thick walls can reach more than 3 hours. Can be widely used as a firewall. The wall can be soundproofed 40-50 decibels depending on the thickness of the wall and the way the surface is treated. It is also a good sound absorbing material. Due to the addition of air, the sound insulation of the product is greatly improved.


Second, block type partition wall

Non-load-bearing partitions made of various lightweight wall blocks, which are used in the interior planning of rough houses. It is characterized by stability, sound insulation and heat preservation, but once it is built into a wall, it cannot be disassembled and adjusted.

Third, the glass partition wall

This glass partition is made of wood, metal profiles, etc., and is made of glass in the layout. The glass partition wall has the characteristics of good light transmittance, bright colors and good decoration effect.

Fourth, the skeleton partition board

This type of partition wall is primarily fixed by the keel as a force skeleton on the main building plan. At that time, the most used light steel keel gypsum distance was the most typical skeleton partition wall. When the partition wall is built, the keel is first set with wood, metal profiles, etc., and the wooden panels, fireproof boards, plastic plates, paper plasters and the like are used as cover panels at both ends of the keel of the partition wall, such as for heat preservation and sound insulation. In particular, it is also possible to fill the keel skeleton with insulation and sound insulation materials, and at the end constitute a partition wall.

Five, sheet partition wall

The partition wall of the board has a lightweight partition board in the market. This partition wall material is mainly used for its light weight, environmental protection, high strength, heat insulation, earthquake resistance, sound insulation and moisture resistance. the mall. This distance is mostly created by various wall panels and is dominated by lightweight wall panels. Compared with traditional gypsum board, it has the advantages of stability, moisture resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation. Common commodities on the market include reinforced cement polystyrene board (GRC board), composite sandwich board, steel mesh cement board, gypsum hollow board, taibai board, cement ceramsite board, etc.