What are the types of Engineering floors?

- Jan 01, 2019-

The engineering floor belongs to a kind of reinforced floor. It is mainly used for the floor covering of large-scale projects. Compared with the domestic floor, the engineering floor will have certain differences in material density and the degree of substrate exquisiteness. Moreover, there are many types of engineering flooring. Can meet the application requirements of different places. So, what are the types of engineering floors? The engineering floor has various specifications and different thicknesses and sizes. According to different engineering floor characteristics, it can be divided into crystal floor, lock floor, silent floor, waterproof floor, embossed floor, etc., people can choose according to specific application requirements. .

What are the types of engineering floors?

1. In terms of specifications, the specifications of the engineering floor are varied, the thickness is different, and the size is different. People can choose according to actual needs. Generally speaking, the thin engineering floor is about 8mm, the thick floor is about 12mm, and the thin floor is better than the thick floor, because the thin engineering floor uses less glue, less formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly, but thicker floor. The impact resistance is good and the foot feels good. This requires people to choose according to actual needs. The size of the engineering floor is also quite diverse. There are standard, wide and narrow plate classifications. The standard engineering floor length is about 1200-1300mm, the width is about 191-192mm, the width of the wide board engineering floor is about 1200mm, and the width is about 295mm. The length of the narrow board floor is 808mm and the width is about 130mm. People can make reasonable choices according to the size of the venue.

2. In terms of characteristics, engineering flooring can be divided into crystal surface, lock, mute, waterproof, embossed, etc. Different engineering flooring performance is different, people can choose the appropriate floor type according to the specific application site. For example, the crystal floor is easy to handle and maintain; the lock floor paving is more flat, not easy to lift, easy to walk; the silent floor is added with cork mat on the back of the floor, the sound absorption and sound insulation effect is obvious, the foot feel is better; the waterproof engineering floor It is coated with waterproof coating at the mouth of the mouth to make the floor waterproof; the embossed engineering floor, from the side, has a clear pattern on the surface and high aesthetics.