What board is used for the integrated ceiling? how to choose?

- Nov 15, 2018-

With the rapid development of the decoration and decoration industry, the integrated ceiling technology is increasingly new, and the installation is simple, the layout is flexible, and the maintenance is convenient. Nowadays, the integrated crane gradually becomes the mainstream of the home decoration. So, what board is used for the integrated ceiling? how to choose?

There are many types of gussets that can be used in the market for integrated ceilings, such as laminated sheets, nano-boards, roll-coated boards, and matte boards. Among them, the roll-coated board is directly painted on the aluminum plate after 280 degrees of high temperature, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and not easy to change color. The laminating board is a layer of PUC film with glue. First, it is not environmentally friendly (including formaldehyde). The color is fast (the sun will change color after two hours of drying), so it is best not to choose the laminating board.

How to choose when choosing an integrated ceiling gusset? Shanghai Jiahe Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. teaches you how to identify the pros and cons of the gusset:

1, look

Generally, the quality board looks flat and the panel is very soft. The surface of the inferior gusset looks bumpy and has particles.

2, smell

Burning a corner of the inferior board with a lighter will burn out in 30 seconds, and there is a pungent odor of plastic scorching, indicating poor quality. High-quality roller-coated anti-oil stains do not have a pungent odor even when burned to yellow.

3, touch

The temperature of the surface of the laminated board is the temperature of the plastic, and the temperature is relatively high, so it is warmer; the temperature of the surface of the rolled board is the temperature of the metal, and it is cooler.

4, listen

With the corner of the panel, gently tap the center of the panel, the sound of the laminate is a bit squeaky, and the sound of the roller is crisp.

5, scraping

Can be used to distinguish the quality of the roller coated board. A poor roller-coated plate will have a slight burst when bent, and the surface layer will be scraped off by hand, and a good gusset will not.