Where can we buy solid wood flooring?

- Jan 10, 2019-

Nowadays, with the hotter real estate, the home decoration industry has become a hot industry, and the floor is the most common kind of sheet in furniture and building materials. When we are shopping, which aspects should we come from? Make the appropriate purchases so that you can get the plate you want.

1. First of all, the solid wood floor is not as long as possible. Nowadays, the solid wood flooring supplied on the market has different specifications. The solid wood floor should be short and not long, so the smaller its size, the stronger the resistance to deformation. If you use the ground to heat the floor, if you use the floor to heat the floor, generally do not be too thick. In addition, you must touch it by hand to see the quality of the processing, the smoothness and smoothness of the finish.

2, followed by the growth of the long-term substrate is more durable, solid wood flooring can choose a variety of trees, precious rosewood, teak, general wood, and now the price difference between these wooden flooring is very large, In general, when we buy solid wood flooring, we try to pick some trees that grow slowly. In this way, the stability of the wood will be stronger, and it will be more durable and can avoid the long-term use of the wood floor. In the case of scooping, twisting, bending, cracking, etc., in addition, when buying solid wood flooring, it is necessary to carefully check whether the floor itself has defects such as insect eyes, cracking, corrosion, and dead knots.

3. When the solid wood floor is under maintenance, we must pay attention to the drying and cleaning of the ground as much as possible. At the same time, when we lay the solid wood floor, if we do not do the moisture-proof treatment, the isolation of the bathroom and the room floor is not done well, then it will also affect The life of the floor. If it is wetted with water or scrubbed with alkaline water or soapy water, this will destroy the brightness of the paint.

4, there is also in the summer, if you do not pay attention to the curtains, let the floor in front of the sun in the sun may crack, so this is what we need to pay attention to.