Acceptance Method For Wooden Ceiling

- Nov 15, 2018-

Renovating the house must be costly to decorate. The place where I live is sure to be in every place. Every piece of furniture should be better, so that we can go home and enjoy the warmth of home. It is especially important to check the house. If it is not accepted, it will cause a lot of trouble. The method of ceiling acceptance for different materials is different. Today, Xiaobian is about the acceptance method of wooden ceilings.

1. Construction in the order of operation.

2, wood keel without knots, wooden keel joints must be firmly connected, the boom and wooden keel, the floor is firmly connected.

3. The keel should be painted with fireproof and anticorrosive paint.

4. The ceiling keel is considered to hang down in the future, so after installation, the center should be arched 1/200 according to the short side.

5. Wherever there is a lampshade, a curtain box, etc., the keel should be added, and the ceiling fan should not bear the force on the dragon skeleton.

6, the cover panel should be flat, no warp, peeling, degumming, etc. If there is a mosaic, the pattern should be designed according to the requirements of the regulations.