Ceiling Material

- Nov 01, 2018-

Regarding the materials of the ceiling, the market is very chaotic, and everything is there. Some manufacturers will introduce and tout their own products in order to sell their own products. This is the last thing we want to see. For everyone to introduce, how to choose materials.

Generally, there are two kinds of materials on the market, SMC decorative board and gypsum board. The following is a detailed analysis of them. First, the SMC decorative board is extruded. It has the characteristics of waterproof anti-condensation cream, anti-virus and anti-bacteria, wear-resisting, anti-aging, good sound insulation and sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture proof, insect proof and fire prevention. Mainly used in hospitals, private clubs, hotels, office buildings and various door, decorative exterior walls, home decoration and so on. Followed by gypsum board, it is also the most widely used ceiling decoration material in China's current home decoration. Mainly used in various styling ceilings.