Fireproof Board Veneer Construction Process

- Jul 12, 2019-

Cutting Fireproof board: first cut the Fireproof board into the required size with a cutting tool. Note that each side of the Fireproof board needs to leave 6mm for trimming.

Vertical face : the back of the edge of base plate and sealing edge strip must be coated with glue, such as glue volatilization dry, that is, when glue does not stick the hand, in the paste sealing edge strip.Then apply pressure with rollers or a press to ensure that the fireproof plate is attached to the base plate and the excess parts are removed.

Horizontal face: same, glue station to fire prevention board back and base board horizontal plane, when glue does not stick the hand, put fire prevention board on the base board.

Pressurize to remove air: when the fireproof board is pressed on the substrate should pay attention to the fireproof board between the air removal, to avoid residual air in the inside.

Trim edge: note that only vertical, never file back and forth, so as not to cut off the surface is not smooth.