Floor Paving Method

- Jan 05, 2019-

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, people are increasingly aware of how important a healthy living environment is. Therefore, in the process of home decoration, environmental protection naturally becomes a topic that requires special attention. Buying an environmentally friendly floor is just the beginning, and what we need to do later is to introduce environmentally friendly processes into the renovation process.

For laminate flooring, if the paving process of the laminate flooring is not environmentally friendly, even if a solid wood laminate flooring with excellent environmental performance is selected, the result will still cause indoor pollution. So, what kind of laminate flooring technology is considered environmentally friendly?

Because the performance of various types of laminate flooring is slightly different, the paving method is slightly different. The floor manufacturers are specifically summarized. There are four main methods for strengthening the floor in home decoration:

1, the hair reinforcement floor bottom method: that is, without the keel, directly use the hair reinforcement floor mat to laminate the floor.

2, suspension laying method: that is, the laminate floor and the ground are not connected, suspended above the ground, but the glue between the floor and the groove is not glued.

3, keel laying method: the wood grille method, it is the most traditional method of strengthening the floor laying. There are also many materials for the keel. The most traditional ones are wooden keels, in addition to plastic keels and aluminum alloy keels.

4, direct method: that is, directly bonding the laminate floor to the ground with glue