How To Reduce The Damage Caused By Aluminum Ceiling During Transportation

- Nov 15, 2018-

As a special ceiling decoration product, aluminum ceiling is very diversified in product specifications. Many engineering projects use custom aluminum ceiling products. This means that how to make reasonable arrangements for the products of different sizes of aluminum ceiling products during transportation is an essential product to be packaged in order to avoid damage and deformation.

1, packaging is better. Nowadays, many aluminum ceiling packagings are carton packaging. If a heavy object is placed on the top or stepped on it, it will easily cause deformation of the product. In general, Perth will look at the actual situation of the product. In the case of a small number of products, the wooden frame will be hit. In the case of comparison of shipments, we will use wooden pallets to protect the products.

2. Try not to make the size too long. Because it is too long, the worker may be distracted by the slightest care when loading and unloading the car. So the shorter the easier the transport.

3, choose a regular transportation company, there is a perfect payment terms offer may be a little more expensive than the general logistics but the product is guaranteed. Avoid subsequent troubles.