How To Save The Burnt Floor?

- Jan 01, 2019-

For the charred wood floor, the equipment that needs to be remedied by itself is mainly a knife, wood chip, 502 glue, wood floor similar paint, and various tools and equipment are ready. Next, we will take the first step. We need to use a knife to shovel the burnt wood floor. Pay attention to not shovel the hole too smoothly. After the shovel is finished, fill the hole with the prepared wood chips. During the filling process, the wood chips must be pressed tightly, and then 502 glue is poured on the sawdust to fix it. 502 is more viscous, avoiding getting the hands, and the action is slow during the pouring process, so that it can fully penetrate into the process. Go in the sawdust.

After the glue is completely dry, the filling is completed. At this time, the surface needs to be polished with a knife. In order to restore it to the original shape, it needs to be painted after filling. The color of the paint is best with wood. The paint with the similar color of the floor is the last process of waxing the floor. When everything is finished, you will find that the burnt place of the wooden floor has returned to its original state. The way to save the burnt floor is here. This method not only solves the troubles of the owners, but also is relatively easy to learn.