Installation Method Of Fireproof Board

- Jul 04, 2019-

1. Returned halogen can not be used, is unqualified products, will appear drop down, not only affect the normal function of the building, but also corrosive to the metal, increase the potential danger.

2. The nails fixing the plate must be derusted, or use stainless steel nails.Because there is chlorine salt in glass magnesium fire prevention board, chlorine salt corrosion of iron is known to the world, many use glass magnesium fire prevention board project after more than a year in the embedded nail head surface rust spot, and after a period of time rust spot will drum into a block.But the wetter the environment, the sooner the problem is exposed. To avoid this problem, the nail must be protected from corrosion.

3. Cables are fireproof and compact to achieve the purpose of reliable fire prevention.Fireproof sealing appearance is beautiful, fireproof board and fireproof mud into regular geometric shape, neat and consistent.Before the installation of fireproof partition should check the appearance and quality of the partition, check the product qualification certificate.Installation of fireproof bulkhead must be firm and reliable, maintain level off, gap place must use organic block material to seal tight.The accessories of fixed fireproof baffles shall meet the requirements of corresponding fire rating.

4. During the construction of organic fire blocking material, the organic fire blocking material shall be compacted and embedded in the pores to be sealed.All through layers must be surrounded by a layer of organic blocking material, and evenly compacted.When sealing with other fire prevention materials, the organic fire prevention material shall be higher than the partition, showing a geometric shape. The two ports of cable reserved hole and cable protection pipe shall be sealed tightly with organic fire prevention material, and the depth of plugging material embedded in the pipe mouth shall not be less than 50mm.

5. Before the construction of inorganic fireproofing materials, the cables should be arranged, and the construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of product instructions according to the size of holes needed to be sealed.When the hole area is more than 0.1 square meters, and there are likely to be pedestrians, reinforcement measures should be taken.When constructing a firewall, the thickness of the firewall shall not be less than 250mm.Firewall should be set up in the cable support (bracket), build firmly.