Suspended Ceilings By Material And Structure

- Nov 15, 2018-

The ceiling is the top decoration of the living environment of the house, and it is also a decorative home improvement building material, mainly referring to the decoration of the ceiling. 

With the development of technology, the use of polymer materials to make ceilings has become a reality, and is very popular among consumers. The suspended ceiling is a decorative structural layer composed of a skeleton and a veneer suspended from the lower part of the structural layer of the building.

The suspended ceiling is divided into movable assembly ceiling, concealed assembly ceiling, metal decorative panel ceiling, open ceiling and integral ceiling according to the structure; divided into light steel keel ceiling, aluminum alloy keel ceiling, wooden keel ceiling and plaster according to the use of materials. Board ceilings, metal decorative panel ceilings, decorative panel ceilings and daylight ceilings.