What Are The Methods Of Purchasing Decorative Panels?

- Jan 20, 2019-

1, see if there is any obvious surface

When purchasing the decorative board, look at the surface of the decorative board for burrs and board contamination (such as partial yellowing and blackening of the surface). When selecting, try to choose no cracks, skins, resin capsules or gum lanes. Natural warpage should be chosen as small as possible to avoid the phenomenon of sand penetration revealed by the substrate.

2. Recognize the difference between veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer

Usually the veneer texture is basically a texture, the texture pattern is very regular; the natural wood veneer veneer has a natural wood pattern. The texture pattern has large variability and no rules.

3, appearance inspection

The decorative board must have a good appearance, the pattern color is clear and beautiful, and the wood color of each piece should be similar, so that the decoration will look good.

4, the structure of the glue layer should be stable, no glue opening phenomenon

At the time of purchase, it should be noted that there should be no bulging, delamination, etc. between the veneer and the substrate on the surface and between the inner layers of the substrate, so that the service life is not long.

5, to choose low formaldehyde release wood

When buying a decorative board, do not choose the irritating odor, no matter what the price, because the higher the odor, the higher the formaldehyde emission, the greater the harm to the human body.