What Are The Purchasing Skills For Ceiling ?

- Nov 15, 2018-

1, Photometric and highThe ceiling has less light than the wall, and the choice has a shrinkage effect than that of the 1 shallow wall. The ceiling is low with light color, the ceiling is high and the wall is the same color, but must follow the rule of "not bright color".

2, consider space and atmosphere Pure red is more safe. If you want to build an atmosphere, you can use the secret, secret and even "in the grottoes" for a restaurant in the home. It can apply dark color, such as dark purple and pure black color. At the same time, we should also consider the color and material of the floor and the wall, not too heavy and easy to make people feel squeezed.

3. Don't be deeper than the floorAs usual, the ceiling of the initiative residence should not be deeper than the floor color. Especially if the ceiling is not high, the light color is better. "The brightness of the color is low, the brightness is high, and there is a sense of squeezing. Designers of the decoration company are all advocating. Try to choose a large number of white (pale, light blue), gray or near white color.