What Kinds Of Metal Materials Are Used In Construction?

- Feb 22, 2019-

A general term for building black and non-ferrous materials and composites of these and other materials. Metal materials for construction are one of the four major types of materials (steel, cement concrete, wood, plastic) that form the basis of civil engineering materials.

Metal materials include:

Ferrous metal: a metal containing iron as its main component and its alloys, such as iron, steel, alloy steel, etc. Non-ferrous metals: metals and other alloys containing other metal elements as main components, such as copper, zinc, lead, etc.


The product categories of construction steel are generally divided into four categories: profiles, plates (including steel strips), pipes and metal products:

1 profile. Steel for steel structure, mainly including angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, square steel, crane track, metal door and window, steel sheet pile type steel (see hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel, metal for doors and windows). With steel reinforced concrete structure, the wire rod (5 to 9 mm in diameter) or small sections (diameter> 9 mm). The former was hot rod (heat treatment including steel), which is a light circle or a straight rebar (See hot-rolled steel bars, heat-treated steel bars for prestressed concrete).

2 plates. Steel is mainly steel, mainly building structure plate and sheet. Medium and heavy plates are widely used in the construction of buildings, structures, containers, and equipment such as houses, towers, bridges, pressure vessels, offshore oil platforms, and construction machinery. After press molding sheet is widely used in the building roof structure, walls, floors, etc. (see plate, pressure plate).

③ pipe. Mainly used for trusses and other steel tower mast (see steel).

4 metal products. The main products used in civil engineering are steel wire (including steel wire for welding rod), steel wire rope, and prestressed steel wire and steel strand. The low-carbon steel wire in the steel wire is mainly used as a tower pull wire, a lashing steel bar and a scaffold, a round nail, a screw, etc., and a cold drawn low carbon steel wire for a steel mesh or a small prestressed member. The prestressed steel wire and its stranded wire are the main materials of the prestressed structure.

Construction steel is generally expressed in terms of steel grade and corresponding strength level. The strength grade is generally expressed in molecular formula: the molecule represents the minimum yield point (the yield point σ0.2 is not used for the apparent yielding step); the denominator represents the minimum tensile strength in megapascals. For example, 20MnSi steel grade 34/52, that is, the minimum yield point is about 340 MPa, and the minimum tensile strength is about 520 MPa.