Gypsum Drywall

Brand name: Ocm
Edge: Tapered and squared
Usage: Interior decoration and partition wall
Length: 2400/2440/3600/3660mm
Usage: Ceiling and partition system
Edge treatment: Taper/square edge
Material: Nature gypsum and wood pulp pape
Size: 1200x2400mm/1220x2440/etc
Thickness: 8-15.9mm
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Product Details

Product Description

Gypsum drywall is a type of sheathing used for interior walls and ceilings. Since the mid-1940s, it has been the primary wall construction in most houses. Vertical wooden pieces frame a room providing support for the sheets of wallboard. These sheets are connected to the framing by either screws or nails, and seamed together using a special drywall compound, which leaves an even and flat surface. The result is a wall that is smooth and easy to finish.

Product Parameter


Gypsum drywall




Desulphurization gypsum 



Delivery period10-15 days

Product features and advantages:

Light weight, High strength, Excellent construction performance, Complete variety specifications.Advanced production technology, direct sales.



Construction, hardware, decoration, public attire, home decoration, ceiling, partition wall.



Gypsum board building systems are easy to install for several reasons.

1)   It's relatively large compared to other materials,  so they quickly cover large wall and ceiling areas.

2)   Gypsum board assemblies require only a few tools for construction. It can be adhesively attached to many substrates.

3)   It is a lightweight material and 2 workers can easily handle and cover large areas in very short time periods.

4)   It is easily finished using either a few hand tools or relatively modest machines.

5)   Gypsum board installers can quickly learn most application techniques in a few hours.

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