Fire Resistant Board

Brand name: OCM
Fireproof Grade: Grade A1
Density: 0.8-1.2g/cm3
Color: White,colors
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Product Details

Product Description:

This fire proof board is a technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products. In addition, its  heat insulation is six times that of glass, three times that of clay, and ten times that of ordinary concrete. in steel structure engineering, this fire proof board as a retaining structure can give full play to its advantages of light weight, high strength, good ductility and strong seismic resistance. The convenient processing can be easier to reflect the design intent. It is a kind of silicate material. Besides, it has no aging problem, which works well under bad condition.

Product Feature:

This fire proof board is a kind of durable building material, and its normal service life can match the life of various permanent buildings. 

We adopt the most advanced process in order to make sure that our product is a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection green products.

We do promise that there is no radioactive material or harmful gas generated even at high temperatures.


Product Parameter

Product NameFire Resistant Board
Standard Size1220mmx2440mm or 1200mmx2400mm
Maximum Width1220mm
Maximum Length3050mm

(Normal standard is 0.9-1.0g/cm³)

Basic ColorWhite or Grey
SurfaceThin slurry surface
Moisture Content≤10%
Water Absorbing≤40%
Bending Strength12-25Mpa
Fire ResistanceIncombustibility Class A1
Thermal Conductivity0.19W/(m·K)
The rate of deformationwhen pick up the moisture:0.26%
The shrinking ratewhen heated:1.0%
Security100% does not include asbestos,formaldehyde,benzene
RadioactivityNot limited by the scope of application

Product Advantages


OCM MgO board reaches the standard of GB8624, CLASS A1, non-combustible class

2.Water proof:

OCM MgO board  can keep its shape and character after soaking in water for a few days. 

3.Sound insulation and heat insulation

OCM MgO board  h

4.Environmental protection:

OCM MgO board  is asbestos-free, no formaldehyde and benzene,100% green boards.


6.Lightweight and Strong strength

OCM MgO board  can totally saving the cost in terms of lightening the load from reducing the foundation, subject, column and beams of the construction, Improve the inner usable area 5-8%.

7. High quality, competitive price and good after-sale service

Production Details


Purpose and use of OCM MgO board:

The Fire Resistant Board can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to wood or steel framing.

It can be used for interior or exterior applications.


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